COTTON - The natural feeling

 Whether for leisure, sports or on the job,
a person who values pure nature chooses COTTON.
The exclusive cotton yarn used in COTTON stockings is knitted on the inside of the stocking and is in direct contact with the skin.
Thanks to cotton´s natural properties, COTTON stockings are particularly suitable for customers with sensitive skin, ensuring greater comfort and well-being. 

The mix of fibres also ensures a balanced temperature in fluctuating climatic conditions. 

•  For women and men with sensitive skin

•  Excellent thermoregulation

•  Optimal mix of fibres means that the stocking slides on and off easily

•  SWISS MADE quality seal


Cotton - for feeling well
 High quality cotton provides a comfortable sense of well-being. Simultaneously, special multifilament yarns ensure perfect elasticity.

Thus, COTTON is suitable for persons who like to be active as well as for patients with sensitive skin giving you the all around sensation of feeling well.

• For all indications of compression classes 1, 2 and 3
• Fine ribbed appearance, for women and men
• Swiss Cotton: The world’s best cotton yarn


Knobbed grip top (KGT )                                              Fine ribbing -appearance
Soft knobs prevent the stocking from slipping.
For a secure hold all day long.

   Calf Stocking Open  

     Soft knobs prevent the stocking from slipping. 
     For a secure hold all day long.


   Thigh stocking with waist attachment :
    The post-operative stocking to be applied right after surgery.    
    May be combined with liner stockings (available separately).





Calf stocking closed

Soft toes with a fine toe seam guarantee the ultimate in wearing comfort. 






For pregnant women and larger sizes also available as Pantyhose Materna.




   Thigh stocking - Grip top
     Knobbed grip top – ideal for people with sensitive skin.




 In each daily activity COTTON is the ideal companion. For all those who value natural fibres and a natural look, COTTON is the perfect choice.
It is available in all sizes, in colours nature and black. Three different COTTON product lines mean a perfect fit for all. 


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