Important tips:
Always wait until the wound has been treated before putting on the SIGVARIS medical compression stocking!
The SIGVARIS medical compression stocking must never be put on or worn over an open wound!
Regular checks by a doctor are necessary to maintain the success of the therapy.

Extremely infrequently, compression stockings may produce allergic reactions.
If acute pain or skin irritation occur while wearing the stockings, consult your doctor immediately.

• Functional disorders such as heaviness and fatigue in the legs, without existing varicosis (C0)  

• Mild varices with subjective manifestations (small varicose dilatation of the cutaneous veins, reticular varices) (C1–C2)  

• Varicosis during pregnancy, without edema (C2)  

• Varicosis during pregnancy, with edema (C3)  

• Edema in the evening, due to local causes (venous) (C3)  

• Primary varicosis with edema (C3)  

• Advanced primary varicosis with edema (stem and branch varices) (C3)  

• Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)

  – Grade I* (C3)           corona phlebectatica paraplantaris
  – Grade II* (C4)          chronic oedema**, eczema**, erythema**, hypodermitis**, dermatosclerosis, dermite ocre, atrophie blanche
  – Grade IIIa* (C5)       healed ulcus cruris (relapse prophylaxis)

• Prophylaxis of thrombosis/embolism

• Thrombophlebitis or varicothrombosis (superficial thrombosis), possibly with oedema

• Thrombophlebitis (deep-vein thrombosis)

• Post-thrombotic oedema with or without secondary follow-up therapy

• To maintain success of therapy:
a) after sclerotherapy
b) after ambulant selective varicose surgery
c) after stripping

• Before sclerotherapy or before surgery to prevent oedema

• Ulcer prevention and ulcer therapy

• Postoperative oedema

• Post-traumatic oedema after completion of basic therapy

• Reversible lymphoedema after complex physical decongestant therapy

• Irreversible lymphoedema with pronounced induration after complex physical decongestant therapy

• Lipoedema grade II and higher

• Cyclic idiopathic oedema

• Congestion caused by immobility (arthrogenic congestion syndrome, paresis and partial paresis of the extremities)

• Angiodysplasia

Absolute contraindications

Advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease, congestive heart failure, septic phlebitis (inflammation of the vein caused by microorganisms), phlegmasia coerulea dolens.

Relative contraindications

Oozing dermatoses, intolerance of compression stocking material, sensory loss of the extremity, advanced peripheral neuropathy (e. g. diabetes mellitus), rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


No liability accepted in case of non-observance of these contraindications.

 according to CEAP-classification

* according to Widmer & Marshall
** after completion of basic therapy