Treating varicose ulcers -successfully
Varicose ulcers are the most severe consequence of venous  diseases and affect roughly one person in 50. It is possible to fight effectively against the decisive mechanisms leading up to the formation of an ulcer by means of compression therapy. These mechanisms consist of hemodynamic modifications in the veins (stasis, venous reflux, turbulence) with overloading of the vein pumps of the legs and consequent modifications of the microcirculation that ultimately become self-perpetuating (oedema, thrombosis, hemorrhage, ischemia/reperfusion, tissue destruction/repair, etc.).
Innovation meets Tradition: -SIGVARIS Ulcer X
An innovative and patented thin understocking combined with the proven and highly successful original TRADITIONAL compression class 2 («503»): SIGVARIS ULCER X.
The SIGVARIS ULCER X kit consists of a new patented1 understocking plus the calf-length version of the legendary SIGVARIS TRADITIONAL compression class 2 («503») compression stocking, which is being mentioned in numerous clinical studies as product of choice. The use of natural yarns (cotton and natural rubber respectively) makes the stockings particularly comfortable to wear, giving it a natural feel.
SIGVARIS TRADITIONAL consists of double-covered natural rubber featuring unique pressure stability that has yet to be beaten. Understocking: the foot part is made of a very slippery material (polyamide/double-covered elasthane) no foot slip required, acts as a donning aid at the same time.

SIGVARIS ULCER X – scientifically-proven solution2
• Ulcer X: 96.2 % complete wound closure (compared to 70 % for short-stretch bandages)
• Ulcers healed twice as fast with Ulcer X as with bandages
• Patients reported less pain and discomfort when using Ulcer X


ULCER X measurements


Material composition
Traditional calf: 70% polyamide, 30% elastodiene
Underliners: 62% polyamide, 26% elasthan, 12% cotton