TRADITIONAL - The Original

Whenever high medical effectiveness is important, TRADITIONAL is the reliable classic. 
Thus, it is the therapeutic measure of first choice - for example after thromboses, in chronic venous disorders or in lymphatic diseases. Since TRADITIONAL is especially elastic and air-permeable, it is wonderful to wear.
Day after day, it provides a feeling of confidence in the legs and thus ensures medical compression of the highest level.
The doubly wound inlaid thread made of natural rubber adapts wonderfully to the leg and the neutral skin tone harmonizes with any type of clothing.

Furthermore: TRADITIONAL can be perfectly combined with all fine stockings!
•  Highest pressure stability throughout the entire day
•  Excellent force-elasticity relationship
•  High medical effectiveness for a safe and successful therapy 

Effectiveness at the highest level.
Technically complicated, refined natural rubber makes TRADITIONAL strong in every respect.
The unique force-elasticity relationship and highest pressure stability throughout the entire day ensure an effective treatment of severe
venous diseases and provide safety during therapy.
Knobbed grip top (KGT)
Soft knobs prevent the stocking from slipping. For a secure hold all day long. 
Soft top (ST) 
The elastic soft top adapts to the leg and provides comfortable support.

This medical compression stocking for highest requirements is the first choice - in serious venous problems both for women and also for men.
TRADITIONAL is available in many sizes and model versions, as a series production or made-to-measure option, in compression classes 2, 3 and 4.